And well they might. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is running up huge deficits (sound familiar?) and making its employees nervous (again, does this sound familiar?). At least he’s willing to talk about it. Here’s the link to his latest of pacification and explanation to those nervous employees:

He says “You will get paid.” If you’re a contractor, “you will get paid.” Why? “Because the mail must be delivered.”

He also thinks the long-run problem of chronic deficits will be solved. “We are working on it.” On what? On getting the federal government (I thought the USPS was a corporation – isn’t that what we’ve been told? My bad.) to bail them out. He hopes that the session will do something before the end of the year, to keep those paychecks coming.

He wants to cut services – no Saturday deliveries. He wants “freedom” to add new services, new products that would fit into the present business “model”.  The only problem is: the model is broken and can’t be fixed. How do we know? Because it’s a government agency and is not driven by the profit-making model. It’s clueless, by design. It can’t know if it’s working without the free market telling him it’s working, or not.

So he’s going to punt the issue to Washington: the ultimate bailout strategy. Until Washington runs out of money.

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