The official emblem of the European Parliament.

The official emblem of the European Parliament. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anthony Wile is at it again. While most were caught up in the national election and the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy and General Betrayus, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, explained what the implosion in Europe is all about. In speaking to the European Parliament last Wednesday, she shed all cover and told all who would listen what’s really going on:

Of course the European Commission will one day become a government, the European Council a second chamber and the European Parliament will have more powers – but for now we have to focus on the euro and give people a little more time to come along.

Wile has been saying this for years. That’s part of why his blog has grown so rapidly: he sees with a view and an insight that seekers appreciate. Out of 644 million active websites  Alexa ranks at 16,991 in the United States. More than 6,700 people come to his Switzerland-based website every day. And his readership has grown 60% just in the last three months.

He’s like the 500-pound canary: when he speaks, people listen!

He notes that the European Union was always, from the very beginning, designed with the end in mind: a single unified state:

As long ago as 1957, Jean Monnet – who was the real organising genius behind the gradual building of “Europe” into a single, unified state – suggested that it was only through monetary and economic union that the “political union which is the goal” could be achieved. “There are no premature ideas,” he wrote, “only opportunities for which we must learn to wait.”

The chaos being visited upon Europe was planned in advance, according to Wile:

The billions lent in Portugal, Spain, Greece, etc. were ill-disguised bribes. Those who took the funds and then disbursed them work at the top levels of government. In Greece, for instance, a trial is taking place that pits a reporter against the Greek establishment. His crime: Revealing that many Greek politicians have Swiss bank accounts. See here: “Reporter Exposes Tax Evasion Among Greek Politicians, Targeted for Arrest.”

Of course they do. When a national politician in Europe is tempted to tell the Eurocrats to go to Hell, he is apt to be visited by some good, gray men who tell him clearly that he can either open a Swiss account to receive a bribe – hush money – or face obloquy and embarrassment in the mainstream press.

This is how the game is played. It’s been played that way for years. Remember the film “Brotherhood of the Bell”? I have owned a bootleg copy of it for years, keeping it in my safe at home. Now, with the passage of time, and the of the internet, it’s available online:

It’s how the game is played.

Says Wile: The great gift of the Internet Reformation is to allow us to see clearly.

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