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Sometimes it takes a view from a foreigner for the rest of us to see clearly what’s going on here. Anthony Wile writes his newsletter, www.TheDailyBell.com, from Switzerland, but has a special insight into global affairs that is often refreshing. He disputes the claims that the Republican Party lost the election because they didn’t promise enough goodies to Hispanics.

He calls this a “splendid power meme”: that in order to win an election a political party must pinpoint the demographics and then bribe them with government handouts, largesse and special privileges.

He notes an article from the New Yorker magazine¬†which claims that “Romney’s loss to Barack brought an end not just to his eight-year quest for the Presidency but to the Party’s assumptions about the American electorate.” And then the New Yorker proceeds on the assumption that only it’s very view of the world is the one that works, and the one that the Republicans need to adopt: Hispanics are a growing demographic, and they can and must be bought off in order for the Republicans to win future elections.

The article quotes as noting that “a big reason I will win a second term is because the nominee and the Republican Party have so alienated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the Latino community.”

While Wile then runs off on a tangent – valid, perhaps, but not one I want to pursue here – he notes that the New Yorker has neatly excluded from the conversation anything about what the American electoral really wants: less government. And the only true candidate espousing believability in that arena is Ron Paul. Not strangely, the New Yorker doesn’t mention either limited government or Ron Paul in its article.

But Wile accurately concludes:

The GOP does not have to “appeal” to Hispanic voters. If it simply stood for more and less government interference, this would probably be enough to make it a most attractive political party, even to many Hispanics. But this is not the narrative the power wishes to purvey. So they won’t. And neither will the New Yorker.

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