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Michelle Malkin at the Omni Shoreham Hotel on March 1st, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I knew it! I just knew it! Someone astute (this time Michelle Malkin) would look at the carnage wrought on Tuesday and see some good things. She did, and there are:

  1. Republicans kept control of the House of Representatives
  2. Voters in Alabama, Montana (yea!) and Wyoming passed measures limiting
  3. Ted Cruz, a bright star in the conservative universe, won a Senate seat in Texas against an establishment Republican opponent
  4. Odious House member Pete Stark ( Index rating: 34) was finally booted out of office in California
  5. A charter school initiative succeeded in Washington state despite opposition from teachers’ unions
  6. A effort in Michigan failed, again despite opposition from labor unions
  7. No more race-based preferences in Oklahoma for college admissions, public contracting or government hiring.
  8. Montana (yea! again) turned off the spigot for unlimited benefits to illegal aliens
  9. Washington voters put limits on that state’s legislature’s ability to raise
  10. Republicans, for the first time since Reconstruction, took control of the Arkansas state house
  11. Tax hikes were rejected in Arizona, South Dakota and Missouri
  12. Louisiana passed a measure
  13. Kentucky voted to protect hunting and fishing
  14. Montana (yea! once again) voters passed a parental notification law for minor’s abortions
  15. North Carolina Republicans claimed the governor’s office, made congressional gains, and took control of the state’s general assembly
  16. Paul Ryan won reelection to the Senate from Wisconsin
  17. Conservatives won big victories in the Kansas state legislature
  18. Republicans won big in Tennessee
  19. The GOP took back control of Wisconsin’s state government
  20. There are now 30 Republican state governors

No doubt there are more victories flying under the radar, over which we can rejoice and in which we can take comfort. Thank you for these, Michelle!

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