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Bill O’Reilly at a Hudson Union Society event in September 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watch Bill O’Reilly on TV for one reason and one reason only: to see who his guests are. I like John Stossel and Dick Morris. If they aren’t going to appear, I turn him off. My usual viewing time: about three minutes.

But in this online blog by O’Reilly, he really has something to say with which I agree: we need to be self-reliant. We need to depend on ourselves. Hooray!

As we have become addicted to machines, many of us have forgotten about nature. We must have gizmos. Sandy laughed and took them away. Power, gone. Internet, dark. Cellphones, not happening. Even your landline phone, not available, because “all circuits are busy.”

Suddenly, it’s 1850 with one exception: battery-operated flashlights and radios.

There is at least one lesson here. O’Reilly came up with two:

First: No government agency can help you when disaster strikes. Any assistance will be after the and painstakingly slow.

Second: In order to ride out any storm effectively, you should be self-reliant and resilient. That means you have to anticipate problems and have some solutions at the ready.

O’Reilly actually does what he preaches. He bought a generator before Sandy! But he apparently hadn’t run it for a while:

Where I live on Long Island, the infrastructure is a disaster and has been for years. The power company, LIPA, simply cannot keep the juice flowing under duress. I have accepted that, and so I bought a generator. However, during Sandy, the generator did not work.

I’m impressed with what he did next:

I had a Plan B. I know some guys who can repair generators, and they fixed mine very quickly. I have a long-term relationship with these guys and will reward them.

So, I rode out the storm pretty well…

Now if he told us he paid them in cash, I would be totally impressed. That would mean that he thought far enough ahead to realize that ATMs probably wouldn’t work and neither would credit cards. In crises, cash is king.

He circles back to his main point:

Not once did I think the local, state or federal government was going to help me in any way. When President Obama speaks about government being there for you, I roll my eyes. In the history of mankind, no government has ever been there for the individual. Ever.

Unless of course it wants to take some of your money and give it to someone else. Then it’s all over you like white on rice.

Thanks, Bill. But I still refuse to watch your show unless you have someone interesting on.

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