This is the first time that I am giving you a link to a 45-minute long video with the strong recommendation that you take the time to view it. He’s a lawyer, a former district attorney, who gives you eight reasons why it’s never in our best interests to speak with the police.

Here are two of them:

  1. There is no way it can help
    1. You can’t ever talk your way out of getting arrested…ever.
    2. You can’t give them any information that will help you at trial.
    3. What you say is considered hearsay and cannot be used in your defense, but it can be used against you.
  2. If you are not guilty you my inadvertently admit your by mistake. And if you are guilty,
    1. What’s the hurry in admitting it?
    2. In federal court 86% of all defendants plead guilty at some point before trial anyway.
    3. Your statement to the policy may, due to outside circumstances, become inadmissible before the trial begins.

So, what do you say in a traffic stop or following an accident and you’re asked a question?: “I’m sorry, officer, but I have been instructed by legal counsel to remain silent.”

Still not persuaded? Here’s the link again for the other six reasons to be quiet.

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