Obama/Biden yard sign

/Biden yard sign (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

Jeffrey Tucker is tired of seeing all the political yard signs showing up in his neighborhood, and I think he makes a very good point:

I can’t understand why people are willing to give up precious real estate on their front lawns, make friends mad at them, and put their own on the line to back some politico who will certainly betray them in a matter of weeks.

I live in a neighborhood where such signs are prohibited except for 3o days before an election. No commercial advertising of any kind is allowed at any time. Even pickup trucks with advertising on the doors are prohibited (they must be parked inside).

Tucker’s neighborhood has the same rules:

My neighborhood forbids commercial advertising on the front lawn, but the code makes an exception for politicians running for office. If anything, it should be the opposite. Commerce serves me every day. I feel genuine gratitude for these companies who give me great products and services, always keep their promises, and never force anything on me.

Talk about in advertising, and vice versa! The free market is moral. The government is not. Tucker explains:

Every day we all vote in the consumer marketplace. We buy or decline to buy. We do this by choice. Our choice makes a difference. How we use money determines which companies rise and which ones fall. Unless government jumps in to put companies on life support, consumers themselves can vote any company into non-existence simply by failing to buy its products and services. Ludwig von Mises described this as market democracy. It is the only kind of democracy that really works.

Tucker thinks we should put commercial advertising on our front yards as a way of supporting the free market, instead of advertising for politicians who have no intention of keeping their promises:

Let me give an example. I love this juice from Bolthouse Farms, a company in Bakersfield, Calif. They have these drinks made of fruits that are absolutely delicious. The one I drank today is pomegranate. But there are many other flavors, like wild berry, strawberry banana, carrot, and even chocolate. I get a great drink and don’t have to grow pomegranates, cut them open, pick out the seeds, and walk around with red-stained hands all day.

If someone would let me post a Bolthouse Farms sign on my front yard, I’d be all about it!

He dreams about it:

My fantasy is to spend some late night hours posting a hundred signs on my front yard that advertise everything from Bolthouse to McDonalds to Nike to CVS to the Laissez Faire Club. Then all my neighbors wake to see the sight. They complain and I refuse to take them down. The press calls and I use the chance to explain that these companies are treasures and benefactors, whereas politicians are just liars and looters.

I guess I better take down my Gary Johnson for President sign.

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