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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Judge Andrew Napolitano has, bless his soul, added to our understanding of what happened in Libya on September 11th. And it adds considerably to the evidence that Obama is corrupt, and that he has surrounded himself with similar types.

Initially Obama (his state department, intelligence network, etc.) blamed the attack on our ambassador and the other three staffers who were murdered on a group of unruly, undisciplined thugs who were upset over the showing of a about their prophet Mohammed.

This was a deliberate coverup, says Napolitano:

The clip shows actors in dubbed voices portraying the prophet Mohammed and  others in an unflattering light. The Obama  administration seized upon the temporary prevalence of this clip to explain the assault on the consulate. Indeed, the administration sent U.N.  Ambassador Susan Rice to represent it on five  Sunday morning TV talk shows on September 16th, to make the claim that the  attack on the consulate was a spontaneous  reaction to the clip, that it could not  have been anticipated, and that the perpetrators were ordinary Libyans angry at  the moviemakers in America enjoy.

Soon, U.S. intelligence reports were  leaked that revealed that the intelligence community knew the attack was not as  described by Ms. Rice…

The Obama administration has publicly  rejected the intelligence leaks and insisted as recently as last week during the  vice presidential debate that “we” did not know the assault was an act of  terrorism against American personnel and property.

The “we” was uttered by the imbecile Biden, and rejected by Obama:

The word “we” was uttered by Vice President Joseph R. Biden, whose credibility hit a new  low when he insisted that the government did not know what we now know it knew.  A day after the debate, the White House  claimed that the “we” uttered by Mr. Biden  referred to the president and the vice president, and not to the federal  government or the State  Department.

That coverup lasted about five minutes. Here is what actually happened:

What’s going on here is the unraveling of a value-free foreign policy and its  consequences. The whole reason that the streets in Libya  are not safe and the country is ruled by roving gangs of militias is because the  U.S. bombed the country last year. In an act of war, the  president alone ordered the bombing. It destroyed the Libyan military, national  and local police, roads, bridges, and private homes. It facilitated the murder  of our former ally Col. Gadhafi and ensured the replacement of him by a  government that cannot govern.

And they tried to cover it up with the flimsy video, and sent Rice before the lights and cameras and microphones to promote it.

They’re all lying, cheating, thieving thugs. I’ll be glad to add this little bit to the funeral pyre that seems to be building around Obama in his desperate but apparently failing run for a second term.

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