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Wayne Allyn Root is the former Las Vegas oddsmaker with an uncanny record of calling the shots, both athletically and politically. Back in December, he predicted Romney would win the Republican nomination, and then would go on to win the presidency this November.

He also predicted the G.W. Bush victory in 2004 and that the GOP would get slaughtered in 2006. He also predicted a win for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in his election in June.

Now, he’s making his prediction in the November election crystal clear

 will win the presidency, and it won’t be close.

I’m predicting a 5- to 7-point popular-vote victory, with an outside shot at  10 points. Electorally, it won’t be that close. Mr. Romney will win many states that went to Mr.  in 2008 — I predict wins in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Iowa,  Wisconsin, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Indiana. I predict he will win by  100 to 120 electoral votes.

I’ll go out on a limb and say Mr. Romney even will win one or two Democratic “safe states” such as Michigan,  Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

Here’s why:

The news media are ignoring signs of mass disgust with Mr. Obama. In the West Virginia Democratic primary, a felon got 40 percent of the vote against Mr. Obama. In deep-blue Massachusetts and Connecticut, GOP Senate candidates are  even or leading in recent polls. In pro-union Wisconsin, Scott  Walker won by a country mile. Worst of all for Mr. Obama, several recent  show Mr. Romney competitive in Illinois — Mr. ’s home state — with Mr. Romney  winning in the suburbs of Mr. Obama’s Chicago. Even in Cook County, the  country’s biggest Democratic stronghold, Mr.  Romney leads by double digits among independents (43-31) and white voters  (53-40).

There’s more:

In 2008, Democrats controlled a majority of governorships. Today, Republicans  control the majority of governorships. Presidential elections are always steered  in each state by the party of the governor, the most powerful force in state  politics.

And still more:

After the 2010 census, electoral votes were added to states that usually lean Republican in elections: Texas, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, South  Carolina and Utah. Deep-blue states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois,  Michigan, Minnesota and Massachusetts lost electoral votes.

Root thinks the “undecideds” will decide the election:

History proves that a majority of undecided voters break for the challenger. Mr. Romney will take most of the undecided  voters on Election Day — just as Ronald Reagan did against in  1980.

I predict the same result:  will win in a landslide.

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