Testing lithium-ion batteries at Argonne

Testing lithium-ion batteries (Photo credit: Argonne National Laboratory)

Isn’t this amazing? The excessive of government bureaucrats thinking – no, knowing – that they can provide products that people will buy continues to disprove the thesis.

Newsmax reported about the million construction jobs that have been lost during the reign of the Obama administration. But what happened in Holland, Michigan, is sufficient proof of this hubris:

Two years after a groundbreaking ceremony attended by President Obama, a Michigan plant built with $150 million in taxpayer funds to make batteries for hybrid vehicles is putting workers on furlough — before a single battery has been produced…

The plant — run by LG Chem, a South Korean company — was opened in July 2010 to make batteries for the Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid vehicle built by GM. But the car has seen sluggish sales, despite a $7,500 federal tax credit for each vehicle, and fewer than 25,000 Volts had been sold by September. Production of the car has been plagued by several plant shutdowns.

Well, not exactly. Production of the car has been plagued by lack of interest in the government-funded electric car which in turn has resulted in several plant shutdowns. Let’s get the story straight, shall we?

It all starts with the idea that we must be force-fed electric cars, because of the environment. We have been force-fed the idea that cars pollute and that man-made pollution is going to end civilization as we know it. This is a provable lie, but worse than that, the lie has been hi-jacked by the greenies to promote their totalitarian agenda. See the book Green Hell for all the proof you need for that.

Obama and his czars are following the script: we must “incentivize” green cars to make them affordable – through $7,500 rebates – so that people can be “weaned off” of those nasty gasoline-powered cars they are currently driving. And since the government owns General Motors, they have built the Chevy Volt, which no one wants. And because people aren’t buying them, the workers in Holland, Michigan, aren’t building the batteries to put into the cars that no one wants to buy.

I think the could do a better job, don’t you? That’s the problem with funded with other people’s money: where’s the incentive to find out what people really want?

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