Paul Krugman - Caricature

Paul Krugman – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Economist Paul Krugman has impressive credentials which, if one looks closely, makes him qualified to expound the virtues (if any) of Keynesianism. He’s written 20 books and has had 700 articles published in the New York Times, including this one. What’s annoying to me is that he used to have a brain that saw things clearly, and then something happened along the way. He now comes up with the idea that not having enforced socialized healthcare kills people:

The reality, to which Mr. Romney is somehow blind, is that many people in America really do die every year because they don’t have health insurance.

He can’t prove his case, of course, and even admits it: “Conservatives love to cite the handful of studies that fail to find clear evidence that [enforced, mandated, government-provided health]  insurance saves.” But that’s OK because such studies don’t support his statist ideology, and so it’s OK to ignore them. Instead, he says, without proof, that “The overwhelming evidence…is that [enforced, mandated, government-provided health] insurance is indeed a life saver, and lack of [enforced, mandated, government-provided health] insurance [is] a killer.”

You see where I’m going with this. His forces him to make dumb statements that he can’t back up, but that’s OK because he knows he’s right. And that’s sufficient for all manner of interference and manipulation of people who otherwise wouldn’t make good decisions: like deciding to go without health care.

Let’s see how foolish this is. A fellow has a new car, but fails to have it serviced. It’s only a matter of time before something breaks and forces him to get towed to a service station. But Krugman says this fellow must be saved from his bad decisions, that the government must mandate that he buy auto repair insurance, otherwise the roads would be littered with broken down vehicles! Not only would that be bad for the environment, it would be dangerous to the health of other drivers who have to watch out for these disabled, vacant, rusting hulks blocking the roads.

‘Nuff said. Krugman is a statist. If he thinks the government should do something, he’s the man to support it. regardless of any evidence to the contrary.

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