Anthony Wile – Rising Middle East Violence a Precursor for US-Based Internal Combustion

The casting of blame on a movie that is highly insulting to Muslims is convenient. The truth of the matter is that the forces behind American politics, and world for that matter, desire the chaos that is ensuing throughout the Middle East.

Middle East C Current

Middle East C Current (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To those unfamiliar with Anthony Wile and his regular thoughtful postings at The Daily Bell, his claim that “forces behind American …desire the chaos…” is outrageous.

But he has a way of backing up his position which he has iterated with increasing success over the past decade.

For instance, he thinks the protests are being promoted and instigated by groups like the Alliance of Youth Movements (provable) which are being supported by the US State Department (also provable).

He says:

The problems facing the “civilized” world today are the outgrowth of Western powers’ insistence that it is the right, if not obligation, of the Anglo-Saxon to “tame” and “civilize” the “others.” It is this blatant and arrogant premise that has America standing at the forefront of the battle lines around the world. It is America that has built more than 900 military bases in over 145 countries where, at the end of a diplomatic gun barrel, the leaders and industrialist families of others nations are bent to their new “civilizers.”

Let’s reverse roles here and ask rhetorically how happy we would be if Iranian military forces entered the United States in order to put down the Tea Party movement and establish a more “just” society, for our own good? Just how do you think that would go over? Just asking.

As Wile wrote:

The raging fires that America has started in many countries around the world are escalating. The blowback–inspired “terrorists” want the US and allied troops the heck out of their backyards. Can you blame them?

Who, indeed?

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