Brent Baker – Gregory Pushes Romney to ‘Cut a Deal with Democrats that Would Cause Conservatives to Revolt’

GREGORY: But are you going to, will you cut a deal to compromise even if it a conservative revolt?

ROMNEY: There’s nothing wrong with the term compromise but there is something very wrong with the term abandoning one’s principles. And I’m standing by my principles and that is, I am not going to raise taxes on the people. The problem in our country is not that we’re not paying enough taxes, it is that we are too much money and the is not growing as it could and should…

Little drops of poison

A drop in the bucket. (Photo credit: Pranav Singh)

I’m already in revolt against Romney. I find him revolting. And I find his “promise” that he will not abandon his principles offensive. As I just wrote, he is already abandoning whatever principles he has (a la repealing Obamacare).

This is plain political pandering, in my opinion. The man will say whatever he thinks he needs to say to continue to deceive conservatives who are looking for a savior to rescue us from Obama.

For his part, Gregory, on Meet the Press, also has his agenda: trying to get Romney to say something eye-catching that will improve his ratings. So everyone has an agenda here.

Of course the government is too much money. But whatever Romney has in his plan – Gregory cut him off before he could go into it in any detail – it won’t be enough. No one is talking about the elephant in the living room: the $222 trillion in debts that the government has run up. The paltry demand to cut government spending by a few trillions over the next decade reminds me of the following interchange between W. C. Fields, a known alcoholic, and a friend:

Friend:  Guess what, WC – I drink a quart of whisky every day. What do you think about that?

WC: Why, hell, I spill that much!

That’s what I think of Romney/Ryan’s “plan” to cut government spending – just drops of whisky in the vast vat of government spending.

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