John Ransom: Wanna a Free Car? Be a Congressman

According to the Associated Press, Rep. Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y, overrode his own subpoena three years ago in an investigation of former sub-prime mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp. to exclude records showing that he, other House members and congressional aides got VIP discounted from the company.

English: Portrait of US Rep. Edolphus Towns

English: Portrait of US Rep. Edolphus Towns (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is how a 15-term Congressman games the system. And when he is caught, he changes the rules in order to hide his gaming. When he is finally caught, he quits, and retires on a pension that far exceeds what this corruptocrat (HT: Michelle Malkin) could possibly earn legitimately.

Here’s what AP said about Towns’ maneuver:

The procedure to keep the names secret was devised by Rep. Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y. In 2003, the 15-term congressman had two processed by Countrywide’s VIP section, which was established to give discounts to favored borrowers.

The effort at secrecy was reversed when Towns’ successor as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, California Rep. Darrell Issa, issued a second subpoena. It yielded Countrywide records identifying four current House members, a former member and five staff aides whose went through the VIP unit. Towns was on the list.

His litany of and self-help at taxpayers’ expense goes back decades. In 1992 he was named in the House banking scandal that erupted that year, having written an astounding 408 checks on his overdrawn House bank account.

He now leases a high-end Mercury Milan hybrid automobile, at taxpayers’ expense, of course, for triple the normal lease rate: $1,285 a month. It’s a two year lease, and taxpayers will have essentially purchased the automobile over that span. But have no doubt: Towns will have figured out a way to keep the auto, or sell it, and keep the proceeds for himself.

After all, he’s a master.

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