Cafe Hayek: An Open Letter to CBS News Radio Commentator Dave Ross

In your segment “What happened to global warming being a hoax?”—aired during today’s 1pm hour on Washington, DC’s, WTOP radio—you played a clip of U.C.-Berkeley scientist Richard Muller saying that “all of this warming over the last 250, 260 years has been caused by green house gases emitted by humans.”

Being no physical scientist myself, I accept Mr. Muller’s claim.  But contrary to most people’s reaction to this news, my reaction is “What a deal!”

Global Warming 1/2

Global Warming 1/2 (Photo credit: lamazone)

Now there’s a different point of view. Rather than contesting the belief (and that’s what it is) that human behavior has raised temperatures, Boudreaux instead accepts the premise and then says “So what?”

I just wrote about a global warming scientist who has, honorably, found that the data doesn’t support the thesis (surprise, surprise) and now declaims it. Here’s the link to my article from .

But Boudreaux says that even if temperatures did rise, a little, it’s more than justified by the enormous increase in human well-being over the past couple of hundred years!  Here he is:

In exchange for slightly warmer global temperatures, humanity gets off-the-charts benefits never before enjoyed by ordinary men and women – benefits that began to flow only 250, 260 years ago.  In industrialized countries, these benefits include a near-tripling of life-expectancy; a in average real per-capita income to a level at least 30 times higher than it was a mere three centuries ago; an end to famine and plagues; abolition of the multi-millennial-old institution of slavery; widespread literacy; and an unprecedented expansion in women’s and opportunities—all these wonders, and more, from bourgeois commerce and industry powered in part by fossil fuels.  Has humanity ever gotten so much at such a puny price?

I love it when someone comes along and challenges my perception of reality.


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