Donald J. Boudreaux: Success and Society

So we need no tutoring from Mr. Obama about the that each of us daily depends on many other people for our food, clothing, shelter, medical care and nearly everything else that we consume. The fact that the president presumes that sensible people are ignorant of this speaks volumes about his assessment of our intelligence.

President Barack Obama speaks about government...

President Barack Obama speaks about government contracting reform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

is one of my favorite economic writers. He’s smart, he’s logical, and he writes well.

There is so much to say about President Obama’s self-serving remarks about how entrepreneurs “didn’t build it” without the government that Boudreaux is taking several columns to expose the myth and explain the truth. His first column is a beauty.

Of course, “success for an individual in a market economy requires the ongoing efforts of countless other people. Indeed, economists have long emphasized that one of the distinguishing features of a is its capacity to inspire millions of people to cooperate successfully with each other.”

But to have the president lecture us about that in order to promote his totalitarian worldview that without government, nothing would happen, is the height of and the depth of ignorance about how the real world works.

And that’s the point that’s missing from this column, which I hope Boudreaux covers in his next column: Obama is informed by totalitarian ideology, which takes as its base position that private —the —is the enemy, and must be destroyed.

One way is to make people think just as he thinks: that the government is the center of the universe. And if isn’t so yet, just wait! He’ll have just the answer: more government. He’s enamored with government. He loves government. He loves the to direct the actions of others. That is the mark of a dictator.

I hope Boudreaux mentions that.

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