writes, “This is the scandal that will bring President Obama down in November, so long as the American people know its details.”

Those with just a cursory knowledge of the scheme to “gun-walk” weapons across the border from the United States into Mexico via “straw man purchases” will be surprised to learn that Brian Terry isn’t the only ATF agent to die as a result of the scheme, and that more than 200 Mexicans are dead as well. They will learn about retaliation against ATF whistleblowers trying to head off the plan; that Eric Holder perjured himself repeatedly and that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano also perjured herself; and that  could turn out to be bigger than Watergate.

One of those whistleblowers, ATF agent Jay Dobyns, writes the introduction, likening the ATF to the Titanic: “No matter what happened, the leaders felt their ship was unsinkable.” And when the “luxury liner ATF” hit the iceberg Fast and Furious, the captain and crew began looking for scapegoats. He remembers when the ATF’s mission was “…enforc[ing] the law” rather than “…prohibiting or punishing law-abiding gun ownership.” He laments that sadly, those days are gone.

Tracing the lines in extraordinary and convincing detail, Pavlich asks rhetorically: “Would a second term bring us another Operation Fast and Furious? All one can say for certain is that the administration seems to feel little remorse for the first one.” She adds:

Operation Fast and Furious wasn’t a “botched” program. It was a calculated and lethal decision to purposely place thousands of into the hands of ruthless criminals. The guns weren’t accidently misplaced or lost. They didn’t just somehow “fall into the wrong hands” by mistake. The operation was a coordinated and planned effort not to track guns but to arm thugs south of the border for political gain.

When interviewed on Fox News Monday evening by Bill O’Reilly, she was asked if this was just a theory. Pavlich shot back, “This is a conspiracy FACT! We have emails in the book, documentation showing…the anti-gun positions of Barack Obama and Eric Holder going all the way back to the Clinton administration…the goal was never to track these guns…but to push their anti-gun agenda.”

Pavlich has done a careful job of putting the pieces together in her book and is fearless in presenting them, even in the face of a withering barrage of skeptical questions by O’Reilly. Now it’s up to skeptical Americans to read the book and then take action to remove this odious infestation from the government.

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