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-Ephesians 5:11-13

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US to Become the World’s Primary Energy Producer in Four Years

In its review of the latest report on world energy supplies from the international energy consulting firm IHS, Inc., writers at Yahoo.com were quick to point out several of the impacts likely to be felt as the United States becomes the number one producer of energy in the world by 2017. Fracking is the prime driver of the US’ resurgence and is bending, changing, questioning and even replacing many of the

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Warren Buffett’s Railroad is Testing Natural Gas to Drive its Locomotives

The quiet revolution going on in the energy sector as a result of fracking is being punctuated by changes unseen and unappreciated, such as the recent announcement by Warren Buffett’s railroad, BNSF Railway.  The largest railroad in the country, BNSF is testing the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to

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George Mitchell, the Father of Fracking, Dead at 94

With his determination and the ability to ignore naysayers, George Mitchell, the owner of a Fortune 500 company, Mitchell Energy & Development Company, poured himself and $6 million of his company’s money into the task of finding ways to access the natural gas he knew was underground of his property north of Houston, Texas. It took him more than 10 years to find those ways. Since 2000, his discoveries have changed the world and are responsible for

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Answers to Lies about Fracking

This article was first published at The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Monday, July 8th 2013:

Ronald Bailey, who has specialized in exposing myths in the field of biotechnology for years, took great joy in exposing some popular myths about fracking over at Reason magazine where he writes a weekly science and technology column.

Bailey is best known for his book “Global Warming and Other Eco Myths” which exploded some popular myths, such as:

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Good News About American Energy

Not all the news about our country is bad news. It might take some digging to find it but now and then there’s a nugget in the stream bed. This 211-page report from the Energy Information Administration is more than encouraging. The report is so long that 

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When will the argument over Peak Oil end?

When it’s clear that we’re running out of oil, as predicted by M. King Hubbert in what’s known as the Peak Oil theory. The theory, roughly stated, is that there will come a point in time when

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Cheap Abundant Natural Gas is a Game Changer, Says the IMF

Expressing surprise at the enormous increase in US production of oil and natural gas by unconventional means, Thomas Helbling, a division chief in the IMF’s (International Monetary Fund) Research Department, was forced to admit that it was free enterprise that was responsible for it after all. In his March 2013 article he wrote:

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The Anti-Fracking Fraud

I’ve seen the Promised Land. It so outraged me that I couldn’t write a review of it until I cooled down. It took me about an hour to cool down, and then I wrote this.

Gasland is even worse. How do I know?

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Watch for FrackNation on AXS.tv

As a response to Promised Land and Gasland, two scurrilous movies about the alleged dangers of fracking for natural gas, one of which I reviewed here, FrackNation was developed. It’s producer, Phelim McAleer, got annoyed with the obvious slant of these two movies, and

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Huge Shale Oil Deposits Found (Too Bad They’re in California)

Hippie bug!

Hippie bug! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is one of those good new/bad news stories, like seeing your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your brand new Lexus. IHS Cambridge Energy Research has discovered 400 billion barrels of oil in California, an amount equal to half of the oil under the sands of Saudi Arabia, and far larger than the Bakken Formation in North Dakota or the Eagle Ford Formation in Texas.

It’ll be harder to extract because of how the shale oil is caught between folds of the earth’s crust, rather than sandwiched in layers in North Dakota and Texas. But several oil companies are investing in the possibilities and if they are successful (and left alone by environmentalists in Sacramento) the revenues could “solve the state’s budget crisis” all by itself, according to Katie Potter, a recruiter for oil field personnel at NES Global Talent. And just last month, 18,000 acres were offered to be leased out for initial drilling and “they were all snapped up” right away.

But the real problem will be, inevitably, Sacramento, the capitol city in the land of sunshine, fruits and nuts, especially enviros who never saw a drilling rig they liked. They especially won’t like how the oil will need to extracted because of the folds in the earth’s crust: instead of using fracking which involves water and sand and some chemicals, the process in California will involve hydrofluoric acid.

Omigod! Acid?

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Wolfcamp May Dwarf Eagle Ford and Bakken

English: Location of the Spraberry Trend in Te...

Location of the Spraberry Trend in Texas, with major and nearby cities. All data on this map is in the public domain; created by me in ArcGIS 9.3. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Eagle Ford formation in Texas is estimated to hold 3 billion barrels of recoverable oil, thanks to fracking and the free market. North Dakota‘s Bakken formation is estimated to hold 18 billion barrels of recoverable oil, thanks to fracking and the free market. But, as noted at mysanantonio.com,

Get ready for what’s happening in West Texas, where oil and gas production is  ramping up in shale layers such as the Wolfcamp in and around Midland.

Remember that name: Wolfcamp. For the record, it’s also called the Spraberry Trend, but Wolfcamp is the name that’s catching on. Ken Morgan, director of the Texas Christian University Energy Institute, said, “We’re getting thousands and thousands of feet of pay zone [there]. It’s like the Eagle Ford on steroids. [We] haven’t even begun. We’re just in the toe of this thing.”

Just how big is Wolfcamp?

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My review of Promised Land

Promised Land  is one of the most slanted, devious, vicious, sophisticated pieces of propaganda that I’ve ever seen. It makes the entire natural gas drilling industry appear to be corrupt, devious, greedy, rapacious and repellent.

Steve Butler (Matt Damon) is introduced as the good guy, earnest, sincere, believing fully in his product – that fracking is safe and profitable to land owners signing leases to Global, Butler’s company (with $9 billion in assets), who wants to drill.

Butler sees it as easy money for the land owners who

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Electricity costs declining thanks to lower natural gas prices in Oklahoma

It’s nice to live in Oklahoma where utility bills are declining, thanks to cheap natural gas. Said Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) spokesman Brian Alford,

We’re pleased to pass along this savings to our customers. We are fortunate from an electricity perspective to be in an extended period of lower natural gas prices, which makes it possible to

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Fracking is OK says Buried Report from New York State’s Health Department

A report favoring fracking that was buried for nearly a year was given to the New York Times yesterday by a whistleblower who “did not believe it should be kept secret,” according to Danny Hakim. The eight-page analysis summarizes “previous research [done] by the state and others, and concludes that

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America Headed for Energy Independence! Unless…

English: Oil Rig, Cromarty, Scotland

Oil Rig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just six years ago the US imported 60% of its oil. Today it’s down to 40%, and continuing to decline, according to the Wall Street Journal. It’s really quite amazing what incentive, technology and freedom are able to accomplish.

U.S. crude imports fell 9.2% in October from a year earlier to 8.091 million barrels a day, the lowest amount of imported crude since January 2000, according to U.S. Department of Energy data released today .The data are the latest illustration of how the drilling boom in North Dakota and other states is remaking the U.S. energy picture.

Remaking, indeed. It’s a total restructuring of the world’s economy. In the past the US has been increasingly dependent upon the Middle East and other producers to keep the lights on. And this has had enormous

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Al Gore is SO 20th Century

English: Al Gore's Hearing on Global Warming

Al Gore’s Hearing on Global Warming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m nearly certain that you missed this: Al Gore was being interviewed by a “greenie” and made some simply amazing comments about how he sees our world. I bring it to your attention for your enjoyment and for your elucidation about how Gore thinks. It’s quite a trip.

First of all, Gore had been up all night and so wasn’t thinking clearly. At least that’s a plausible excuse:

On Nov. 14-15, the Climate Reality Project held its second annual “24 Hours of Reality” marathon, spending an entire day and night live-streaming events and panels around the globe to highlight various aspects of the climate crisis…

I caught up with Climate Reality founder Al Gore around hour 18 of his all-nighter and asked him about current U.S. climate politics, carbon taxes, and natural gas.

I’ve picked out, at random, some questions, and Ol’ Al’s responses. I’ll try to restrain myself from

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Obama Set to Unleash Tsunami of Regulations after the Election

Obama Visits Silicon Valley

Obama Visits Silicon Valley (Photo credit: jurvetson)

After learning that the White House had failed to enforce the law in order to protect President Obama’s reelection chances from potential negative feedback, Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) wrote a letter dated October 25th asking the president to comply:

It has come to my attention…that the federal government is not adhering to [the legal requirement that agencies publish their regulatory agendas on a semiannual basis]. More specifically, your Administration has failed to publish its regulatory agenda since the fall of 2011…

My primary concern is with the [EPA’s] refusal to be open and transparent about its regulatory agenda. Magnifying this concern is that the EPA, in what appears to be a string of politically motivated decisions, has “punted” or put on hold until after the election a number of economically damaging regulations, including greenhouse gas regulations, strict mandates for ground-level ozone, as well as guidance which seeks to expand greatly the EPA’s authority to regulate waters of the U.S…

I request that you comply with the law and publish the federal government’s regulatory calendar this month.

Not surprisingly Inhofe didn’t hear back from the president by the October 31st statutory deadline, and published his outrage at the website of

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The Oil Bubble is Good for U.S. Manufacturing

A bubble.

The rising oil production from North Dakota’s Bakken Formation now equals that of Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay for the first time, according to the Wall Street Journal, due to technological breakthroughs such as fracking.

The recent surge in oil prices from under $80 a barrel last summer to over $110 per barrel in February has prompted a flurry of activity by oil producers to get in on the action. The price of leasing properties thought to hold millions of barrels of reserves has exploded, in some cases tenfold, in Pennyslvania, Texas and elsewhere. These are prices not seen since before the onset of the Great Recession in 2007, with Chinese, French and Japanese explorers committing $8 billion just in the last two weeks to secure oil leases.

Marubeni Corporation, a Japanese commodity trader, agreed to pay $25,000 an acre for a piece of Hunt Oil Company’s Eagle Ford shale property in Texas, while Marathon Oil closed on a lease nearby at $21,000 an acre. Leases in Utica shale in Ohio and Pennsylvania jumped ten-fold in just five weeks to $15,000 an acre.

Others, such as Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell are reconsidering deep-water discoveries in West Africa and in the Gulf of Mexico now that

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The Oil Map of the World Is Shifting to the West

Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline

Writing in the Washington Post on Friday, Daniel Yergin, author of The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power (which was adapted into a mini-series by PBS in 1992) explored the shift of oil’s epicenter from the Middle East to the Western Hemisphere, expressing his surprise that “what appeared to be irreversible is being reversed.” He explains:

The new energy axis runs from Alberta, Canada, down through North Dakota and South Texas, past a major new discovery off the coast of French Guyana to huge offshore deposits found off Brazil.

The transformation is happening not as part of some grand design or major policy effort, but almost accidentally. This shift was not planned—it is a product of

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